Accounting housing stock

The object of maintenance for the Housing Maintenance Office is a housing stock. At any time, the experts of the Housing Maintenance Office will answer the question what is the total area of their housing fund. But will it be possible to answer what is the total area of roofs under the roofing material or what area of roofs requires repair in two layers and how many entrances should be painted? Do not know the answers to these questions are simply to get the money for the rent, and do something about it if the money will remain after management expenses.

We offer software for housing stock accounting. The tasks of our software are the following: inventory, accounting of composite elements, accounting of the state, selection of the list of buildings according to the set of parameters. For example, you can make a request for a list of houses where cold water piping is required and provided the total number of pipes to replace different diameters. 

To have detailed data on the condition of houses means to understand what costs are required to keep these houses maintenance and overhaul. And this means planning the work of the enterprise.

Приватне підприємство «Науково-дослідне і конструкторсько-технологічне бюро автоматизованих систем» (скорочено ПП «БАС») Частное предприятие «Научно-исследовательское и конструкторско-технологическое бюро автоматизированных систем» (сокращенно ЧП «БАС») Scientific-research and design-technological bureau of automated systems (abbreviated as BAS)