Technological platform

Approach to creating

For application programmers who create administrative automated systems, the product of their work is a working program.It is natural to strive to apply in your work tools that allow you to make your product better, faster and cheaper.  Therefore, one of the directions of the work of programmers is the creation of such tools that would automate the process of automation.

In turn, any tools require time and money to develop them. And the natural desire of the creator of the tools is in order to save on the tools in general, to make its scope of use as wide as possible. But usually, the expansion of functionality and scope leads to the complication of the tools. So for the solution of a narrow range of automation tasks, it can be simple standard solutions, but as they expand the scope of use, they acquire additional modules, settings, and modes. And if we adhere to the method of developing tools based on finalizing it for solving new problems, then after a while it becomes either too cumbersome or too universal to be used not only by its creators but also by other interested specialists.

When creating a PC "BAS", as a tool for developing automated systems, a different approach is applied. It is based on the assertion that all automation tasks can be described with the help of elementary objects that do not differ in their structure.Due to the simplicity of the elementary object, the program for working with it is also relatively simple. And because of the general nature of the properties of elementary objects, such a program is applicable for solving a wide range of problems.

To work with such an elementary object is designed PC "BAS". It is simple to learn and use since it is a question of a narrow area - an elementary object, but it is applicable to a wide range of management tasks since all these tasks can be expressed through elementary objects.


The software complex "BAS" (PC "BAS") is a means of automating programming in solving various tasks of automation of managerial activity of production, accounting, settlement centers, work with the population.

PC "BAS" is a tool for developing complex information management systems. Its use makes it possible to significantly accelerate the development of application modules. First of all, there are ready-to-use sections of any project - a mature client part and a database. When creating applications for their development takes most of the time. Next, it is necessary to have a designer tool, an ie design of data processing operations and output reports. Finally, the SQL programming tools provide all the Transact SQL capabilities for the programmer.

Based on the PC "BAS" built a number of automated systems for various purposes, which do not differ in the structure of the database and the modes of the interface part. Below are some of them.

Complex accounting of the enterprise. Comprehensive accounting includes modules of ordinary accounting, bookkeeping and warehouse accounting of materials, semi-finished products, finished goods, accounting of finances, accounting of wages, fixed assets, mutual settlements with buyers, suppliers, accountable persons, debtors-creditors, calculation of production planned and actual cost price , accounting of the structure of costs, taxes, etc.

Subscriber services of public utility services for work with the population. Calculations are made of the quantity of consumption of products or services, for example, the amount of heat energy in the form of heating, hot water, steam and rental services. Integrated tools for legal services (including debt repayment, restructuring, marine affairs, preparation of statements of claim). Modes for operative reception of the population and a hotline are made.

The system for the automation of payments of the population provides for the interconnected work of tens and hundreds of computers located at the payment acceptance points, in banks, from utility providers, and from other payees. Communication between computers is built on the basis of database replicas or data export / import. From the recipients of payments through the central computers of the bank, the receipts are received from the cash departments about the debts of subscribers, and data on payment is received back. Payment-Processing Centers can be used in the system. Each of the banks can have contractual relations with various recipients of payments, in turn, recipients of payments have their bilateral agreements with banks. Software modules in banks have a connection with the banking system "operational day", and the modules of payment recipients have subscriber services programs.

Technical data

When creating the PC "BAS" was taken into account a number of requirements that cannot be arranged in order of importance. Mismatch to any of them makes the toolkit not applicable for widespread use.

Automation in real time.

The enterprise cannot be stopped for the time of development and implementation of the automated system. Primary documents requiring processing are received for processing without interruption, reporting is required without adjustments to the automation process. Therefore, automation tools should ensure the creation and refinement of software, setting up operations and training the user in such a time frame that allows not interrupting the processing of current documents.

The cost of automation.

Under the costs are understood not only money for the purchase of software modules, but also the cost of hardware, system software and the time spent by enterprise specialists on working with programmers. PC "BAS" does not impose any special requirements on the computer network, users' computers, and the server. And the speed of implementation reduces the accompanying material and moral costs.

PC "BAS" provides the programmer with all the programming tools in the language of SQL Server 2000 without any restrictions. There are no settings, macros, any restrictions.

Simplicity and cost of maintenance.

The preparation of a programmer who has skills in working with the SQL database programming language takes several days.  There is no need for the services of high-level specialists of system engineers and programmers of the client part in such languages as DELPHI, Visual C, Visual FoxPro, etc. The features of SQL Server 2000 allow performing preventive works with the database in an automatic mode during a period free from user requests.

All adjustments are made on the spot. To solve any new problem or fix an existing software module, there are enough built-in programming tools, which are based on Transact-SQL. The work of the programmer is localized by a separate operation or report. Inter-module Сommunication is solved by system means of PC "BAS".


Multifunctionality in itself is not a feature of the software package. To extend the scope of application by building up a system is not difficult, only time and money are required. But PC "BAS" has the ability to automate accounting tasks in various areas without increasing its complexity. One and the same executable BAS.exe, the same database structure is used to solve completely different tasks:

· subscriber service
· salary
· material accounting
· fixed assets
· mutual settlements with partners (suppliers, buyers, etc.)
· CRM - Services
· company balance sheet
· accounting of production costs
· planning and economic preparation of production
· frames
· population payments

This property of the complex characterizes its simplicity not only at the stage of introduction but also during operation. The maintenance programmer can only study the database of one module. Work with any other module is exactly the same.

Reliability and volume of the database

The reliability and volume of the database are the merits of Microsoft SQL 2000. With the proper use of indexes in settlement procedures, the processing time of information is practically independent of the database size.

The database should not be destroyed; it should have the means of archiving, restoring, diagnosing and protecting against unauthorized access. In the PC "BAS" it is built using Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Cases of the destruction of the database are extremely rare. In this case, diagnostic tools can eliminate almost all logical problems.

Automated maintenance

The SQL Server 2000 programming tools allow you to organize maintenance of the database by scheduling preventive procedures that are performed automatically.

It is possible to connect via dial-up lines, over the Internet.

Easy installation and configuration

The package of the client part of the PC "BAS" includes one executable file BAS.exe. On the client side, MDAC 2.6 (or higher) must be installed.  The server must have two system databases and one database for each application module.

The configuration is performed for each client by the provider of the complex and for each user, the database administrator when assigning access rights. The user's screen is not loaded, not accessible by menu tabs, operations, and reports.

All modes of operation in all modules are built according to the same rules. Having studied the work in one module, the user easily proceeds to work in another.

Data protection against unauthorized access

Protection against unauthorized access allows, on the one hand, to prevent the user from viewing data or performing prohibited operations, and also relieve the user's screen of unnecessary information, on the other hand, simplifies the process of its operation.

Automation of development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems

The program complex "BAS"  - is a tool for developers of complex information management systems. This technology platform can significantly accelerate the development of application modules.

Finished sections of the project: there are ready-to-use parts of any project, a mature client part, and a database structure. On their development takes most of the time when creating applications.

The designer tool is a convenient means of designing data processing operations and output reports. You do not need to be a programmer to create a program skeleton that includes the composition and type of operations, the composition and type of reports, the set of personal account parameters, and the appearance of the work screens for the end user.

Programming features: the programmer has all the capabilities of Transact-SQL. There are no restrictions and there are no adapters, the work of programmers is performed directly with SQL.

Simplicity: system procedures are unified for all applications, the programmer is required to deal only with a narrowly applied part. Access to the structure of the parameters and the procedures used is made from the interface part so there is no stage in the study "where lays what and how to find it." This is particularly important for maintenance programmers.

Collective development: the developers do not interfere with each other while working on one project. All results are in the same database. No special mergers, zone splits, etc. are required. In the accompaniment mode, the update is performed without stopping the work of users.
Приватне підприємство «Науково-дослідне і конструкторсько-технологічне бюро автоматизованих систем» (скорочено ПП «БАС») Частное предприятие «Научно-исследовательское и конструкторско-технологическое бюро автоматизированных систем» (сокращенно ЧП «БАС») Scientific-research and design-technological bureau of automated systems (abbreviated as BAS)