Drinking water and water heating

Drinking water and water heating are taken from the same sources and fed along the same tubes. They differ in the purpose and norms of consumption. Therefore, the calculation procedure for both types of water is the same.

The simplest way of calculating the water consumption is when the water bill set for one person or one cubic meter, in case the account is kept by an individual meter. But for accounting and employers in drawing up production plans for the enterprise, consumption in cubic meters is required. Somehow these quantities are linked to each other through the norm of water flow per person. The calculation methodology of the BAS-population program depends on primary regulations by a particular enterprise and on bills that approved in the region.

When calculating the amount of water, according to the norms, the following items are taken into account:

  • the period of the provision of water supply services
  • type of water consumption
  • breaks in the water supply
  • quality (pressure)
  • movement of the residents

All factors are considered the connections of overlapping with an accuracy of one day.

When using individual meters is conducted for each device separately. The correctness the input of indications and the limit of the scale are monitored. Facilities are provided for calculating the calibration of meters and for calculating the quantity during the verification.

The water flow is distributed according to the calculated periods in proportion to the loads, acting at different time periods. It allows accurately provide information to the economists of the enterprise of time periods.

The readings of the meters are entered by the operators of the enterprise from receipts or by phone and then are entered information in the personal office of the consumer on the site. It is possible to reverse or correct the indications of any period. Then the automatic recalculation of the accruals of the involved periods is performed.

The results of the calculation are in cash and cubic meters.

Also, group accounting meters take into account. The consumption of group meters is reduced by the total consumption of individual meters in the relevant period, and distributed among consumers in proportion to the water loads. In this case, the load takes into account all factors affecting the calculation of the norm.

There is also a calculation of the amount consumed for general house needs and its distribution among consumers. The method of distribution depends on the application, on the decision of the local authorities, on the Homeowners Association, etc. It can be proportional to the loads, to the areas, to the established coefficients.

Приватне підприємство «Науково-дослідне і конструкторсько-технологічне бюро автоматизованих систем» (скорочено ПП «БАС») Частное предприятие «Научно-исследовательское и конструкторско-технологическое бюро автоматизированных систем» (сокращенно ЧП «БАС») Scientific-research and design-technological bureau of automated systems (abbreviated as BAS)