Water under contracts

There are situations when there are no living people in the apartment and no one is registered. But sometimes people are unofficially live there and they need water. The owner of the apartment enters into a contract with the water utility service, sets the load and calculates the water for the loads.

The BAS program keeps records of such contracts, their loads and the validity period. When calculating the amount of information is stored that is water under the contracts.

Приватне підприємство «Науково-дослідне і конструкторсько-технологічне бюро автоматизованих систем» (скорочено ПП «БАС») Частное предприятие «Научно-исследовательское и конструкторско-технологическое бюро автоматизированных систем» (сокращенно ЧП «БАС») Scientific-research and design-technological bureau of automated systems (abbreviated as BAS)