Mutual settlements information at the enterprise in real time

There are at least two reasons for the need for up-to-date information on consumer payments.

The first reason, that it is necessary to give the amount paid, and not tomorrow morning after a super calculation, or even less a week later when they bring receipts from the bank, and after the days off, the operators will enter data from these receipts into the system.

The second reason is that person came for a certificate and the issuance of which refused because of a debt, but he just paid at the payment acceptance point.  If you offer him to wait a few days or at least come tomorrow, he will write to the president in the letter all he thinks about this enterprise. Then this complaint will be brought down to the governor, then to the mayor, and only then to the director of the enterprise.

In the program, "BAS-Population" everything is done to ensure that payments made in real time. For any level of organization of payment: from the input of operators to the distributed database by the points of receipt of payments with automatic synchronization between the servers. The payment made either instantly or with the planned guaranteed delay falls into the system, changing the balance of the debt of the consumer.

Приватне підприємство «Науково-дослідне і конструкторсько-технологічне бюро автоматизованих систем» (скорочено ПП «БАС») Частное предприятие «Научно-исследовательское и конструкторско-технологическое бюро автоматизированных систем» (сокращенно ЧП «БАС») Scientific-research and design-technological bureau of automated systems (abbreviated as BAS)